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Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers (Kubuntu)

I was able to get the Bluetooth 1.2 Wireless HI-FI Stereo Speakers to work on Linux, Kubuntu 7.10 to be a bit more exact.

I did not update or install any additional libraries.  The Sharper Image Bluetooth dongle works perfectly.  I found and followed the steps for Amarok here.

Side affects? Yup…Sometimes when another song begins to play, the sound begins playing back on my laptop speakers.  I go back into the settings and notice that they defaulted back to the non-bluetooth settings I just saved!

I haven’t found a resolution for it yet!!!


Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers

I had been watching the Bluetooth 1.2 Wireless HI-FI Stereo Speakers at Sharper Image for some time now. Original price $200 down to $99. Priced them at Amazon too, they also had reduced them. Since I had store credit, I decided to buy them at the store. I’ve kind of grown irritated by the tiny speakers in my laptop and the other pair of speakers on my HP w22 LCD. The display looks great, but the speakers … well uh…suck! I think Talking Elmo has a better speaker in it!

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