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Earth Class Mail vs

I was reading this blog tonight and couldn’t believe my eyes! is claiming that is infringing on their copyright because of the use of the two words EARTH and MAIL in the domain name!

The irony at least for me, is I watched several entrepreneur TV shows that specifically talked about Earth Class Mail! I was quite interested and excited of what the company and CEO were doing.  Sure they had their problems with the start up.  Not to mention they rewrote their entire site to Microsoft’s ASP.NET barely finishing and pulling off fixing bugs before the start of a conference they were attending.  I was sorry to hear yet another company were accepting “offers” from Microsoft with no significant technical merit to back their decision.  Rather than perfect their product, they instead wasted precious time getting to market in fixing a new ASP.NET website written in haste! Still, I must admit, I watched the show.

Then I come across this blog, and find that Earth Class Mail is actually suing the domain name owner of! Are you kidding me? Maybe Earth Class Mail are borrowing lawyers from Microsoft as well?

Let me say one thing to this new company.  Piss off enough of us “little” people, and it will spread like wild fire…see you back on the streets in a couple years!


Canon Factory Service Center

I was very surprised! Almost a year ago, I accidently set my camera on a chair. Forgetting, I sat on it! Just as I was sitting down and felt something odd…I realized it was not a good thing, but it was too late! My rear end cracked the LCD screen.

I eventually got around to figuring out how to get it fixed. They estimated it would cost about $130 US dollars.

I took my time deciding if I wanted to repair it or put the money towards a new camera. I mean digital cameras are cheap, even though I spent more than than average on this camera!

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Whitewater Rafting

I went Whitewater Rafting at High Country Adventures today with my wife and some friends.  It was a lot of fun! Was it what I expected? Not exactly…I expected more rapids and less breaks in between them.  Will I go again? Yes! Recommend High Country? Yes…they were a great company, and our guide did a great job keeping us in and out of the right areas. Continue reading