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Quicksilver and Google Search

The more and more I use my Mac.  I rely on Quicksilver to launch applications, run special instructions, etc.  I’m not a hardcore user of QS just yet, but I decided to spend a few minutes to see if I could automate my Google search.

My normal steps require:

  1. Open browser (or switch to it if already opened).  If the latter, I use ⌘-TAB until I highlight the browser of choice (Firefox/Safari).
  2. Open a new browser tab: ⌘-T
  3. Type “google”; the first item defaults to
  4. Type my search query, press ENTER.

After following these steps I found on Google.  My steps have been reduced to a customizable global hot key…

  1. Press ⌘-2
  2. Type search text, press ENTER.

Much better, now I just have to retrain my mind and fingers.


Trane XE78 heater problems

My house has two Trane XE78’s, one for the upper floor and the other for the bottom two floors.  The upstairs unit which resides in the attic was blowing cold air.  Late at night, when asked by my wife to check it out late at night…my half sleepy body climbed up the retractable attic foldaway stairs.  And I stepped through a piece of sheetrock over the main hallway.  But that will have to be for another story…

Today…I awoke and it was bitterly cold.  After checking on the kids and covering my youngest one up who had managed to push off all the blankets and curl up into a little ball to retain heat, I decided to wait until everyone was up and I was fully awake before trying to figure out what was happening. Continue reading

Vim Tip: Comment out multiple lines

Commenting out a bunch of lines without a vim plugin:

Select your lines with VISUAL BLOCK (CTRL-V), then press I to insert before all highlighted lines. Next type your comment character, # (for python, shell, etc). Last press ESC.

I forget not frequently used, but helpful VIM commands from time to time. Why not blog it?

You can alternatively select your lines with VISUAL LINE (SHIFT-V), then type : s/^/#
This tells the selected lines that you wish to substitute the start of the line with the # char.