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I’m a PC – NOT!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.  The other night I was Skyping with a friend and drinking some beers while he sent me a link to the I’m a PC website.  We also visited this site that has puns against both platforms: Mac and PC.  Sure we laughed a bit.

Back to the first site, the one Microsoft wrote.  Here is a snapshot of that site, taken today:

Lets play a game, shall we? Can you find the duplicate photos? Wow…brilliant whomever wrote the routine here.  You’ve made Microsoft look as foolish as people claim for it to be.  Those images are suppose to be unique at least in the viewport that I can see at one time!

See…attention to detail as my old Drill Instructor use to tell us in boot camp.  The little things do matter guys…why can’t you see that?


XBOX 360 E74 Error Message

Eleven months after buying the Xbox 360 for my son on his birthday, today the Xbox 360 stopped working displaying RED error lights on the front.  The screen has E 74 at the bottom of the page.

Research shows several tips on how to temporarily fix it.  I wanted to find out how much it was going to cost to have it fixed properly by the company who engineered and sold it to me.  It seems that the XBOX 360 is under warranty for about one more month and the fix will be for free including all shipping to/from the service center. Continue reading

Dell XPS 630i Desktop

I ordered a Dell XPS desktop about a week ago, which finally arrived yesterday.  When I returned home I grabbed a cold beer (Brooklyn Chocolate Stout) and began unpacking, setting up the computer. Continue reading

Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers

I had been watching the Bluetooth 1.2 Wireless HI-FI Stereo Speakers at Sharper Image for some time now. Original price $200 down to $99. Priced them at Amazon too, they also had reduced them. Since I had store credit, I decided to buy them at the store. I’ve kind of grown irritated by the tiny speakers in my laptop and the other pair of speakers on my HP w22 LCD. The display looks great, but the speakers … well uh…suck! I think Talking Elmo has a better speaker in it!

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Cinelerra – not ready for prime time

I enjoy editing video.  I have used several home packaged typed software as well as a professional video editing suite and I have to say Sony Vegas has been my favorite so far.

I wanted to give Cinelerra a try on my laptop which runs Ubuntu Feisty (see this link).  I did, and I was quite impressed, but the program is just not stable enough.  It crashed on me several times.  After choosing a in/out point to play (for quickly reviewing a section of the video to play), it played normally at first, then after a few seconds it began to slow down and the playback speed began to crawl.

Now the tough decision.  Do I make this laptop a dual boot, putting Windows Vista back on it? Purchase the new Sony Vegas and edit my video when I want to on Vista? Or do I just limit my video editing sessions to the home office where one Windows XP machine is used for gaming?

I really hope Linux matures even more than it has, and products like Sony Vegas make their way to the Linux desktop.  I doubt that Vegas will however, as it appeared to be written in Microsoft’s .NET framework.  The new version did ask for permission to install C++.NET libraries.

Mono you say? I hear you, but I am guessing Sony leveraged Microsoft OS specific graphic layers.  I don’t know for sure.

Outlook on your desktop

I am constantly switching between email and my calendar while at work. For me I may have a full day of 30 min to 1 hour meetings, or some scattered throughout the day.

I saw this great tool called Outlook Desktop:

Michael Scrivo’s Personal Site – Outlook on the Desktop

Wow…What a great tool. It displays your calendar, tasks, email on your
desktop transparently. And, the applet is fully interactive. I
originally thought this would be a view only image, but its not!

Great job Michael.

XBOX 360 continues Microsoft true legacy by producing a new lemon

I happened to see this article…

Xbox 360 Repairs Will Cost Microsoft $1B

…and I can’t help but to wonder.

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