I’m a PC – NOT!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.  The other night I was Skyping with a friend and drinking some beers while he sent me a link to the I’m a PC website.  We also visited this site that has puns against both platforms: Mac and PC.  Sure we laughed a bit.

Back to the first site, the one Microsoft wrote.  Here is a snapshot of that site, taken today:

Lets play a game, shall we? Can you find the duplicate photos? Wow…brilliant whomever wrote the routine here.  You’ve made Microsoft look as foolish as people claim for it to be.  Those images are suppose to be unique at least in the viewport that I can see at one time!

See…attention to detail as my old Drill Instructor use to tell us in boot camp.  The little things do matter guys…why can’t you see that?


One response to “I’m a PC – NOT!

  1. Chuck Norris doesn’t have shit on me, and I’m a PC… 😉 good stuff. I ran across a similar idea to the one you presented at the end there in the movie Vanilla Sky: “The little things, there’s nothing bigger is there.” So true… not always easy to live by but none the less true.

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