Canon Factory Service Center

I was very surprised! Almost a year ago, I accidently set my camera on a chair. Forgetting, I sat on it! Just as I was sitting down and felt something odd…I realized it was not a good thing, but it was too late! My rear end cracked the LCD screen.

I eventually got around to figuring out how to get it fixed. They estimated it would cost about $130 US dollars.

I took my time deciding if I wanted to repair it or put the money towards a new camera. I mean digital cameras are cheap, even though I spent more than than average on this camera!

I decided to finally get the camera repaired when I noticed my decline in picture taking this year. I also have an underwater housing for the camera which is actually quite a lot of fun! Not to mention that I really like the camera, it takes amazing pictures!

Enclosed with the camera was a very short note asking for the Canon Factory Service Center to call me with estimate for repairs so I could pay them.

They returned the camera back to me and never called! I was a bit surprised, thinking I had done something wrong. Canon included with the camera a repair letter which contained:

The service on your equipment has been completed. As part of Canon’s commitment to its customers, you can be assured that your equipment has been returned to Factory Specifications.
Total Due $0.00

They never charged me a thing! They replaced the LCD because I am a valuable Canon customer?!? Huh?

I am still quite surprised. I almost feel guilty accepting this! What companies can you name would do such a repair for free that clearly was the fault of the customer?!?


3 responses to “Canon Factory Service Center

  1. You should send this to . They really like hearing about this kind of result. The site mainly talks about how big business likes to screw people over (like banks and airlines), but they really like to hear about when a big company does the right thing for its customers.


  2. I took a look….their site doesn’t guarantee they will even approve your registration, let alone tell you you can submit stories (only comments) once you’ve registered?

  3. Cool site, love the info.

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