XBOX 360 E74 Error Message

Eleven months after buying the Xbox 360 for my son on his birthday, today the Xbox 360 stopped working displaying RED error lights on the front.  The screen has E 74 at the bottom of the page.

Research shows several tips on how to temporarily fix it.  I wanted to find out how much it was going to cost to have it fixed properly by the company who engineered and sold it to me.  It seems that the XBOX 360 is under warranty for about one more month and the fix will be for free including all shipping to/from the service center.

Frustrated? You bet it! I’m not singing Microsoft praises right now.  I heard of this happening, and was quite surprised we haven’t seen any issues until now.  I thought perhaps we bought a “good” apple.  Yeah right.  With the research I’ve done, it is only a matter of time before every XBOX 360 does this.  Rack up the # of hours on the XBOX 360; or I should call it the number of hours with intense heat put off by the GPU to the heat sink via the compound to fill all those gaps and divots.

If it is due to the compound, I am a bit shocked.  Shocked at the faulty engineering and assembly.  I don’t expect for an electronic device to fail in massive quantities even in the first year!

I had wanted a Sony Playstation 3, but let my son win out since he would be playing it a lot more than dad. But it appears researching on the internet the PS3 isn’t without its own issues.  Its too bad.  I should have bought Garageband on the Wii instead of the 360.  At least I could be jamming out right now.  🙂

Thoughts like will I buy another one from Microsoft? Should Microsoft go back to their software game and get out of the hardware market? They make decent mouses, maybe they should realize their limits? Great courage for attempting a second generation gaming console!

I guess the good end of this is the original XBOX still works.  With all the games we have for it still.  And that was on top of the XBOX hack a couple of us installed in our own XBOX’s.


7 responses to “XBOX 360 E74 Error Message

  1. you can find articles about this error at

  2. yeah, they certainly had/have their issues with the 360. I bought an extended warranty when I got my launch 360 and when I replaced it a year later just in case. Better safe than sorry even though I didn’t run into many errors.

    I got a few read disc errors and that was about it.

    I wanted to save up for a new computer so I sold it, but I plan on getting another one next month or so after a rumored price drop.

  3. My family has had issues with the 360’s before, both my father and my brother had their first systems fail on them, but we’ve found since shelling out the extra cash and getting the black elite system to replace the others, we’ve not had one single issue. I’ve also since bought a system, and purchased the elite version, and haven’t had any issues. We may be just lucky, but there might be something to that, too. Just thought I’d leave a random comment and share that with you. 🙂

  4. this happend to me so I made a guide that’ll show you just hot to fix ur 360s 1 or 3 red light error check it out

  5. i bought the elite in dec been playing for 9 months. probably more than than average 1-6hrs a day spread over the whole day not one sit down. today i had to send it in with the red light elite my ass…

  6. If the 360 dies to the point where I have to replace it, I’m selling the games off and switching to the PS3, unless I hear more problems over there, then I’m going to wait for next gen I guess and hang out on PC games. :-/

  7. I have had my xbox 360 bought new back in March 2008. Have had no issues until this morning “Thanksgiving Day”.

    I called Microsoft and they read off a script telling me it must be sent in for repair so they can diagnose the issue and fix it…I told them to just send me a new one and they can diagnose and take this one apart all they want…I told them it was a manufacturer defect…so why should I be without my xbox 360 just so they can probe and “try to fix it”…

    Rediculous. I have a PS3 that I purchased before the 360…and it has had no problems…knock on wood..not even on Thanksgiving…

    What shocked me the most was that the first thing out of Microsucks mouth was “if its been tampered with we will not repair it under warranty”…

    That statement tells me they know their product is so buggy that the end users are opening the units up to fix them…DUH microsoft…its a computer for crying out loud…

    Grrr…I’m glad I got this Xbox 360 pro for $100 and haven’t purchased anything else for it…

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