Whitewater Rafting

I went Whitewater Rafting at High Country Adventures today with my wife and some friends.  It was a lot of fun! Was it what I expected? Not exactly…I expected more rapids and less breaks in between them.  Will I go again? Yes! Recommend High Country? Yes…they were a great company, and our guide did a great job keeping us in and out of the right areas.

It took me about 1.5 hours to drive there from my home.  Even off the main interstate, 75 North, the backroads were not all towns, lights or stop signs.

Arrived and ended up buying water shoes (water socks?) instead of wearing my tennis shoes.  They are only $13.10, so I figured why not.  For those who wonder if they can wear sandles? Yes…but make sure your foot won’t slip out and I recommend ones with nylon straps rather than leather, etc.  From the moment we entered the boat, we only got out twice.

We entered the water and immediately began getting use to the cold water.  The dips and drops were a lot of fun.  The paddling was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I expected to be tied and worn out, but it was nothing more than a few paddles here and there.  The guide makes your ride enjoyable and exciting with minimal effort.  Even if I craved having to work a bit more! 😉

There was a section of the river where we could get in and swim, so I set down my paddle and jumped in.  The water was cold at first, but I got adjusted as I began to swim.  I drifted down the river with the boat and others who also swam.  It was also a deep section in the river with calm water, but the occasional rock passed by…so watch your legs/knees!

Up ahead was an area where we were told we would need to sit down in the boat.  But a few of us guys said no need….we can do this. 🙂   Two of us went in, which we were comfortable with…  Now that I think about it…I had not choice but to go in as the other guy next to me was falling towards me and I didn’t want to support both of our weight.  Second…I was lucky I never hit, bumped or touched another rock.  The other gy did bang his shin on a rock…nothing major, but I’m sure it’ll hurt tomorrow! 🙂  We both managed to also hold on to our paddles.  Its not needed, but I felt a sense of accomplishment falling out of the boat and still having mine to finish the rest of the river ride.

We traversed a few more rapids and got back onto the bus.

Overall…more exciting than the lazy river ride we did in Helen, Georgia with the kids.  But then again it was suppose to be “lazy”.

I think to take this up a notch, I want to come back next summer and go on a Kayak tour.  Maybe after that I can find a guide to take me through easier rapids.  Who knows…I may get into Kayaking.  I could see Kayaking on the rapids we went by being a lot more challenging and fun!


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