iPhone 3D Earth

I’m can’t wait any longer…I can’t stop thinking about owning the new iPhone 3G that is suppose to be available this Friday.  Seeing applications like 3D Earth makes me drool even more…

I’m imagining 3D earth as shown in the video to let you pan around by simply tilting the iPhone, but also with the built in GPS, I should be able to return to “where I am located” with the click of a button or two.  This is not a confirmed feature of 3D Earth yet!

I always said my next phone would be one that included GPS.  I said that about my next digital camera too so my photos are automatically geotagged. 🙂  (still holding out on the camera)

Yeah, plan to set a filter now to ignore any posts on my blog with “iphone” if you don’t want to hear me rant and rave over the new phone starting this Friday! :-p


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