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iPhone Contacts Music and Applications

So since I’ve had the iPhone for a couple of days.  I had a few tasks to take care of:

I restored my music making iTunes the default music browser now.  Went through a large subset of my music collection and made playlists by themes that I enjoy.  I played around with how best to import my mp3 music collection, and after experimenting, I found going to File -> Add Folder to Library… would be the best option.  Keeping all my mp3 music on my RAID 5 file server.

Every time I change phones, moving contacts is never automatic.  It does not matter if the store copies your contacts.  Typically, contact information stored in different fields gets dropped.  Well I decided for the time being not to join Apple’s MobileMe just yet.  I may enroll and check it out for the free 60 days. So I set up my Gmail account to syncronize with my iPhone.  I really like having all my contacts in Gmail and keeping them backed up there.  I was using to sync my contacts with my old phone (Blackjack).  Mail2Web provided a free account that provided Enterprise level services (calendar, email push, contacts sync, etc).

Mail2Web lacks a very important feature; exporting your contacts! So I went through all the contacts in Mail2Web copying/updating the ones I had in Gmail.  This enabled me to clean them up.  Only after going through this exercise, I realized that I could have just connected my iPhone 3G to the Mail2Web exchange services.  I may go back and do this, but my Mail2Web account is not my primary account.  I like keeping my contacts in Gmail.  I wouldn’t mind however for Gmail to enhance the contacts interface via the web client.

I’ve downloaded over 25 free applications by now.  Games, gadgets (light saber, Pint of beer), social applications letting me take pictures with geo-tagging.  I must admit this is all beginning to be quite fun! Two areas that interest me greatly are the where am I with a note or picture and what is around me (including friends).  I had began to use BrightKite suggested by a friend (Ken), but have also discovered two others since having purchased the iPhone: Whrrl and Loopt.  I’m going to test each one out and decide what I like best.

midomi – is one application I am impressed with.  Sing, Say or grab a song you hear on the radio, and this application will search attempting to match it so you can identify the song’s name and artist.

Twitterrific – probably the best (or one of them) to post updates on Twitter.

Google Mobile App – this application is handy to search everything at once.  Search your contacts, google search engine, coffee shops near your position.  I can see myself using this regularly.

Weatherbug – I was skydiving yesterday, and used this application so I could look at the radar and guess how long it would be before the storm passed over head.

BoxOffice – look up movies playing in the local theaters.  I wish it had movie previews/trailers.  It was however able to locate my local movie theater and easily show the movies that were playing, including times, etc.  Also includes movie ratings from

iPint – this is more of a novelty, but is was put together quite well.  At least when I can’t take it any longer at work in a meeting, I can pour myself a virtual beer and drink it.

People – find people using white pages look up.  I had no problem finding people with first/last name  and city/state.

Dial Zero – calling customer service for some company? Hate all the buttons you have to press to get a real operator? This program will dial the company and get you pass all the prompts to a live operator.  Classic!

Pocket Express – contains weather, movies, entertainment all in one package.  First noted, the weather radar is not as good as Weatherbug.  You can’t move the map around like you can on Weatherbug.  The travel section has not yet been implemented (you get directed to the web version).  The movies section has not been implemented yet.

PhoneSaber – Another novelty, but do you honestly think I would dare take on another iPhone geek without my PhoneSaber? :-p

Cloudy Photo Blogger – Take photos, and check out nearby photos that have been taken.

Fox News UReport – see something happen that is news worthy? Take a picture and send it to Fox news.  It may actually get used! I doubt I will stumble across anything news worthy…but just incase.


iPhone 3D Earth

I’m can’t wait any longer…I can’t stop thinking about owning the new iPhone 3G that is suppose to be available this Friday.  Seeing applications like 3D Earth makes me drool even more…

I’m imagining 3D earth as shown in the video to let you pan around by simply tilting the iPhone, but also with the built in GPS, I should be able to return to “where I am located” with the click of a button or two.  This is not a confirmed feature of 3D Earth yet!

I always said my next phone would be one that included GPS.  I said that about my next digital camera too so my photos are automatically geotagged. 🙂  (still holding out on the camera)

Yeah, plan to set a filter now to ignore any posts on my blog with “iphone” if you don’t want to hear me rant and rave over the new phone starting this Friday! :-p

Valentine 1 Radar Detector Consumer Point of View

After trying out the Passport 9500i.  I had to give the Valentine 1 I ordered a try.  I’m not a professional tester like you see on these other sites.  I’m more of a consumer who loves electronics, gadgets and well…a new gadget is hard to not scrutinize even if I now only 10% about radar detectors. 🙂

In short I decided to keep the Valentine 1 over the Passport 9500i.  I’ll explain my reasons below and point out the ones I had read/researched about below. Continue reading