Mini Cooper Tires Part III

After spending two hours on Friday to get my front tire replaced (due to a screw). I returned on Saturday to get the left front tire replaced (due to a nail), I also discovered (the dealership didn’t discover this); that my back two tires were badly worn. I paid ($500) to have the two rear tires also replaced and balanced on Saturday. I spent another 2 1/2 hours at Global Imports BMW Mini.

Now…I have four good tires, but have to take the car back in and spend another $150 to get the front alignment redone. Its not something they suggested to me or that I even considered they wouldn’t have done on Saturday considering there were now four new tires on the vehicle.

I don’t get it, maybe its me. But when I take my car for service at NAPA around the corner I receive excellent customer service. They check and recommend things to the car owner if they see it out of whack. Why do I keep going back to Global Imports BMW Mini? Well first off, the service (not tires or brakes) is free for the first three years. But at the rate I’m going, its costing me almost a full days work the amount of time I’ve sat at the dealership. I will have accumulated eight hours by the time I finally get my car back to normal working order.

Why the alignment? I took the car on Fathers day to Helen, Georgia with the kids and the car is majorly pulling to the right. A recently purchased car with new tires should not pull so badly to the side of the road. 😦

Very unhappy with the attention to detail Global Imports BMW/MINI has given my Mini Cooper S. At the moment, I doubt I would ever buy another one since this is the only service center in town and I’m stuck with them! How do they continue to operate like this????


Before taking my car in, I decided to check the tire pressure on all four new tires.  The pressure was off on all four tires.  Funny how a dealership puts on four new tires, and doesn’t even follow their own guidelines on tire pressure.  With the newly recommended 35 psi on all four tires, I took the car for a short drive and it tracks straight! (30 psi was the old rated pressure, but MINI sent out notices to all owners including a new sticker that should be placed in the door over the old sticker; it appears that I am not the only one that had tires improperly inflated following the old sticker on my car).  I wonder how much money all the dealerships made off of tires that wore improperly?

The notice said that you had to make your claim within 10 days of receiving the notice.  I did not.  But even half way through the life of your tires, how do you know what is proper or improper tire wear? Will the dealership really be honest and tell you? I shouldn’t be shocked by all this, but I am!


4 responses to “Mini Cooper Tires Part III

  1. That is pretty odd. Each time I take the Honda into the shop, they perform a 2^10 point inspection. Once of the items on the check list is tire pressure. I am really surprised since BMW is a “luxury” dealership, they don’t do the same. What would really bother me is that since Mini issued a new STICKER for drivers to put in their car, you would think the service dept would know about the change in air pressure.

    I hope the snacks and drinks were mighty tasty.


  2. Yes, the snacks were very good. 🙂 I’ve heard not to expect much more from other BMW dealerships. I guess I know when its time to move past the MINI, I’ll be looking elsewhere (not BMW).

  3. well, i have a mini cooper type s, and well it is a blast to drive, when its running right that is, and the engin light isnt on, i bought this car new, with only 26km on it, yes you heard me 26 km for my friends accross the border thta would be about 16 miles, well after the second day the engin light came on, hmmm so i took it in and they didnt have an answer for me, just reset the light, a few days later same issue, so i took it back in, and they reprogramed the computer, not bad the car ran for about 8 days, then the light back on, so i took it and it needed a mass air flow sensor, and about 3 other parts that are related to the intake system, total cost 610$, thank god the car is underwarranty still. a few days later i get in the car, and it wont start, put my key in and hit the start button and all it does is turn over and then die, after 5 attempts at this it finally started. the dealer said to use regular gas and not the premum stuff in the winter, so i did, and that just gave me really bad performance, then a few days ago, i started to hear something like a flapping noise coming from the 6 speed trany, i took it in and the mechanic said that this is a known issue and the fly wheel and clutch will need to be replaced under warranty, but they are waiting for mini to issue a bulliton for the work, thats fucking bull shit. then to finally top it all off for me. my passanger leather seat has a defect, and the mechanic said the best he could do is wait for the summer and if it dosnt fix itself he will have it replaced. so here i sit with a $41,000k that will not run for more than 9 days with out an issue.

    so to sum it up…

    this car is amaizing. the power is so much fun, its quick, its nible, its ok on gas,,, and the looks are good. BUT

    the BAD,
    this car will not run for more than 9 days without an engin light coming on, it stalling on the road, the rear lights filling with water, the ac sometimes take a little to long to start blowing cold air. , and then to add to your pain, the dealer will not have a solution for you if your engin light comes on. i will never ever buy another one, i have to say the issues that these cars have are not worth headache of ownin gone

  4. I have a 2009 Mini S and am very disapointed with it. About two months after I bought it, the right window would not stay up unless I held the switch, the front tires are worn badly on the outside (need new ones at $395 a piece), the thermostat light came on, the heater does not work, the tire preassure sensor kept coming on and many other things. I am very disapointed with this car, I expected more from a BMW.

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