Mini Cooper Tires

I was leaving work a bit early yesterday, when the tire warning light came on.  Rather than just reset it as I had done this morning when driving in, I decided to call the dealership and stop by on my way home.

Upon inspection we discovered that the right front tire had a screw in it.  The head was missing, but you could still make out the threads. 😦

The Global Imports BMW MINI dealership estimated one hour, it took two hours to replace the tire.  In talking with Brandon the service rep, he was very nice and helpful.  He told me to watch my tire pressure, as we talked about my tires having uneven wear.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up a digital tire gauge and checked the air pressure in my tires.  That is when I noticed a nail in the left front tire.  Frustrated I called the dealership and now today, I am back at Global Imports BMW to have them replace the front left tire.

I asked Tara, the service rep. I am working with now if they could inspect the back tires for foreign objects while they had the car up in the air.  Just as I was saying it, I walked behind the car to look at the rear tires and noticed the steel belt barely visible in the center of the tires only.  Crap!

Well Tara has been very helpful.  She apologized that they let me even leave yesterday with tires looking like that and offered me a discount.  Since I have the wheel and tire warranty, the front two tires are free.  But the back two tires I have to replace, they are worn out and even if they had a foreign object in them, they are below the minimum tire tread wear for a free replacement.

Things I’ve taken away from this experience:

  • I need to monitor my tires much more closely.  They are high performance tires and if not watched closely, even a small amount of air pressure will cause uneven tire wear more dramatic than any other vehicle I have ever owned.
  • Tara and Brandon are excellent service reps at Global Imports BMW.  They are professional, provided me with free food and drinks.  This isn’t something that even my wife’s Saturn dealership provides as adequately.
  • I have strong concerns with the maintenance technicians who are working on my car downstairs.  Why didn’t they take a quick spin of the other tires and check them yesterday? This isn’t the first time they have made me unhappy.  The first time I brought my Mini to them, they left the drain plug too loose and I was leaking oil!

4 responses to “Mini Cooper Tires

  1. Do you recall what you paid for your tire warranty?

  2. $729 – called Intire

  3. Digital tire gauge

    Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

  4. Did you guys think the INTIRE warranty is worth it? THinking about getting it but i’m not sure.

    I live in Brooklyn, NY, with some terrible potholes especially near bridges and tunnels

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