Google App Engine over lunch

I decided to grab lunch and read more of what I could find on Google App Engine (GAE).  Found a few interesting sites.

Steve talks about how GAE fills a much different need in the cloud computing arena than Amazon has done with its own S3 and EC2.  Google doesn’t charge you for the server you rent (i.e. like EC2), but rather they charge you with how much you actually use.

Next up is Shannon, who explains how .NET can leverage GAE through abstraction via a webservice call.

Last up, is a solution I found very interesting.  Andreas explains how GAE can be used as a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  I won’t bother going into details of what a CDN is, it is explained well on his website.  What I found interesting is how this would compare to Amazon’s S3; where I’ve seen several people adopt a similar strategy using Amazon’s S3.

Over the last couple nights, I also watched the GAE video on YouTube introduced in Google Campfire One.  Parts One, Two and Three.

You can download the GAE SDK herePricing is discussed (not confirmed) here.


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