VMware Workstation 6.0.4 Upgrade fails on Windows Vista!

After my recent new desktop purchase.  I had always intended to run multiple machines on it using VMware Workstation.  I started with the 30-day trial.  Just as I went to sit down and knock out some work, I was hit with the your trial has expired.

So, I head over to the website to purchase the software; $189.  No problem.  Oh, wait, there is an update.  Fine download that too.  Might as well get it all done at once right?


I purchased the software, downloaded, installed the new version (which automatically removed the older 6.0.x version) and rebooted.  Next I started VMware.  But instead of getting the program I expected, I received a dialog with an error:

Application failure. hr = 0x80004003: (null)

WHAT???? I can’t believe I just purchased software from a reputable company (is it?), upgraded to the latest version and I get this.  I did my research and found a solution on the VMware forums here.

I can’t believe the only solution offered is by the community.  Why hasn’t VMware/EMC addressed this by now? What is even more confusing is I didn’t originally receive the error when I first installed the software!

After wasting 1.5 hours, I am finally going to get to work. 😦


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