April Fools

Loving the April Fools jokes today:


3 responses to “April Fools

  1. Blizzard’s always awesome at lampooning their own stuff. Here’s the ones for World of Warcraft:


  2. LOL…and therein lies the difference. I HATE April Fool’s Day. A few things are clever (Google seems to have this wrapped up lately, though ThinkGeek does do well), but most are either inane, or catch me and freak me out. *grin* I’ve got enough stress already!!

    I thought the CouchDB guys were switching from Erlang to Java for like 4 hours today, until it clicked in my head. Friggin’ April Fools…*grumble*.

  3. Someone played a joke on me at work, but I didn’t catch it in time to figure out who it was. Damn!!!

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