Easter Bunny brought me a RipStick

I have completely fallen behind in keeping up on the latest information you have all been blogging.  Sorry! I have been extremely busy with work, family, business and sports.

Today — I assembled a new bicycle for my son.  We like to save outdoor items like bicycles for Easter.  Getting gifts like that in the winter are not as appreciated.  🙂  Well, that was how it was done when when I lived up north in the snow.  But a sled…hell yah!

While searching for the prefect bike, my family and I took our time in Toys-R-Us.  I found a toy that I had been wanting to try out, the RipStick.

I have to admit…the toy is a lot of fun.  It took me only a few couple hours to get on the board and be able to carve around a bit.  I have probably two hours total on the thing, and today I was carving around the street in front of my house.

Of course, all this fun doesn’t come without a price.  The RipStick costs $70-120, depending on which one you get.  I tried two different RipSticks, and the larger one felt more comfortable, probably due to my tall frame (six foot).

In addition to the price tag, pain is also a price, I have fallen three times.  Once I was able to skip along while trying to catch myself, and rolled onto the grass.  The second time I busted myself on my side…which hurt a lot.  The last one wasn’t too bad.

I have to admit, I’m hooked.  This toy is way more fun than a skateboard.  Its a cross between roller blades and a skateboard.

I’ll be heading to the roller blade, dog walking, bike riding path….watch out for me! I’m easy to spot, a six foot man with beard waving his arms around like a lunatic…and probably heading towards the small kids and animals…   :-p


2 responses to “Easter Bunny brought me a RipStick

  1. Hey!
    I’m so happy to have found someone so enthusiastic about ripsticking. I started ripsticking earlier this year, and I ended up buying my own a few months ago. I actually have a blog about ripsticking! Check it out sometime.

  2. Amy — awesome! I haven’t traveled with my ripstick…but I do get practice in from time to time. I should keep it in the back of my Jeep!

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