Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers

I had been watching the Bluetooth 1.2 Wireless HI-FI Stereo Speakers at Sharper Image for some time now. Original price $200 down to $99. Priced them at Amazon too, they also had reduced them. Since I had store credit, I decided to buy them at the store. I’ve kind of grown irritated by the tiny speakers in my laptop and the other pair of speakers on my HP w22 LCD. The display looks great, but the speakers … well uh…suck! I think Talking Elmo has a better speaker in it!

I listened to the speakers in the store for about 5 minutes, the downside is the store is not geared around listening to speakers from a variety of music, etc. But then again I am not looking to buy great speakers. I should have brought a pre-compiled CD with various music I listen to on it, as I would have been able to pop it in the player and listen to my taste. Instead I watched Nemo, and jumped around the movie for some of the better parts that had talking (for clarity) and the music scores listening to the various instruments.

Setup on Windows Vista
Since my laptop is a dual boot machine, I decided to first try out these speakers from Windows. It took me longer than I had wanted to get things working. First I had to add a device…I kept pressing the pairing button on the front of the speakers and was waiting for the Bluetooth service to pop up an information window asking me if I wanted to pair. But it never did, so I eventually figured out I had to manually Add a Bluetooth device… Once completed, Vista searched for yet another driver. I didn’t have high hopes it would eventually find the correct one, but it did after 3-4 minutes.

Once the drivers were installed, I changed the default device Control Panel->Hardware/Sound->Manage Audio Devices. There is a Bluetooth Audio render that actually shows up.

Vista Bluetooth setup

I played some sample music included with Vista/Windows Media, Jazz, Beethoven, and it all sounds great. Highs/Lows…the clarity is very good even as I increase the volume. Next was some of my music. 🙂

I’ll keep ’em! Now to test them on Kubuntu (Linux) and find a more permanent home for the speakers. I like the idea of putting them in the workout room next to my office. Maybe it will convince me to workout more?!? It would be nice to have a set of speakers in both rooms so I can just have the music follow me!


6 responses to “Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers

  1. For some reason, I don’t quite know why. But I have to remove and re-add the bluetooth device in Windows Vista when I first boot the OS. It is quite annoying.
    It must be dropping the pairing. 😦

  2. Thanks for the review. I just bought these off of yoru good review, for my Vista laptop. But the driver won’t install. I’m going crazy here. The status bar gets stuck in the same spot and keeps asking for me to “Plug In The BlueTooth Device”. Any ideas?

  3. My first guess would be ensure the speakers are turned off. Power up the laptop without the bluetooth USB dongle. Then insert the dongle.

    When it asks for a driver, tell it to search online.

    If you’ve gotten that far, can you see Bluetooth devices like your phone, or other items?

  4. Since my laptop is currently booted up under Vista. I decided to post a few more details.

    When I boot up, I typically run through these steps:
    1) hold down pairing button on speakers…(about 3 secs); you will hear a series of tones that plays down the music scale
    2) right click on the volume button, choose playback devices
    3) Under the playback tab; right click on the bluetooth audio renderer and choose “Test”

    This seems to “re-pair” or re-connect the speakers and Vista.

  5. What I’d like to see:
    I wish Vista would let me assign applications to the bluetooth speakers, while other applications and windows default sounds played on my laptop.

    It can be done on Linux…but its not easy to manage.

  6. Can you point me in the right direction for advice on Sharper Image 1.2 Bluetooth wireless speakers? I have the speakers hooked up to a TV without wireless. The speakers have to be adjusted at the speaker. Is there an adjustment that could be made so the TV volume control would also adjust the speaker volume? Thank you for your help.

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