Create simple ANSI based UI with Python-Newt

I stumbled across this simple UI, Python-newt.  Newt which is common to many non-graphic installs on various Linux flavors. Newt is a simplistic UI that lets a programmer specify entry fields, radio buttons, ok/cancel buttons. You name it…

Python-newt Snack Popcorn demo snapshot

The Python extension is called Snack. Read more on support here. Two examples come with the docs, showing how easy it is to assemble UI entry request pages/forms.


13 responses to “Create simple ANSI based UI with Python-Newt

  1. for a windows user like me, that kind of screen seems very nostalgic to me. hahaha

  2. LOL…it is, and it brings back the days of when I was on my 8088! But still a lot of value for a quick easy install over an ssh connection!

  3. I have a very real need for a simple UI with Python and I looked at newt (python’s snack module) but it’s so poorly documented that it’s well nigh impossible to use except for the simplest cases. I know the library itself is very simple, but I need some more information which is lacking.

    Do you have any link to any source code you used python-newt with?

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  8. The newt library has an antiquated optic. The widget toolkit “The Final Cut” has a more suitable appearance.

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