Monthly Archives: December 2007

BasKet Note Pads

I was doing something useful and came across this application: BasKet Note Pads

This application provides as many baskets (drawers) as you wish; Several kinds of objects (texts, URLs, images,…) can be drag-n-drop’d into it.

I visited the website and had to give it a try.  I love to organize things.  And right now I feel like things are a little messy.  I have emails, docs, things are a bit scattered.

I am trying this little KDE app. right now, and I am very happy.

I have a projects “basket” and will soon be adding a Django one.  I have always wanted a quick place to put django snippets I use often enough to save and reuse, but haven’t found that magical place! 🙂

Listening to Christmas music via SHOUTcast on Chumby! Yeah for the holidays!


Kubuntu 7.10 Kaffeine Play Encrypted DVD

Taken from here.

1)  sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

2)  In Kaffeine
Go to to Settings->xine Engine Parameters
Select “Media” section
Select the “Expert Options” tab
Find an option labelled “CSS decryption method”
Change setting from “key” to “title”.

It just works (after a few steps).

Chumby arrived!

I returned home the other night and saw a brown shipping box. I tried to ignore it, but after getting home today, I decided to open it up.


  • The packaging, the bags…wow. It had the feeling that Apple marketed this. The Chumby came in a burlap bag with draw strings on top
  • Ken told me today that the speaker on it sounded good. I am listening to music off SHOUTcast right now and am very impressed! It sounds a lot better than the speakers in my LCD monitor.
  • The look/feel/touch of the device.  No cheap plastic or screws holding things together are visible.

I’m sure more will come, this is my initial impression.