Chumby here it comes…

I have a tendency to buy Gizmos and let them sit on my desk.  I’ve had some things torn apart like breadboards, multimeters, microprocessors, wires hanging out, half mounted LCD’s, and things entact but still collecting dust like PDA’s, USB sticks, iPAQ’s, scattered around my desk.

So when Ken first showed me the site and told me what Chumby’s were all about, I was impressed and shocked at the same time.  But then the sinking feeling of uh oh another gadget fell into my head.  I mean spending $179 would buy me a fun weekend of skydiving (or 8 jumps — skydivers measure how much something costs by how many jumps it would buy).

The other day Ken mentioned his was shipped.  Damn you Ken! I went back to the website and decided yes I too wanted to have this under my Christmas tree this holiday season.

Tonight while I was working, I came up with yet another idea I could use the Chumby for.  And then I received an email stating my Chumby had been shipped! I am going to look forward to playing around with the flash interface and writing up a sample little idea I have.

I guess the one great thing about this gadget is it was made to sit where I want it to, and can do virtually anything.  I eventually see my son wanting one in his bedroom as an alarm clock to wake him, then to tell him the scores of last nights sporting event he couldn’t stay up to watch.  I see one in the kitchen to let my wife browse her recipes, check the weather or keep tabs on that Ebay auction while cooking, perhaps displaying an IM from me when I have locked my desktop at work for the day and am on my way home?

Thanks Ken!  🙂


5 responses to “Chumby here it comes…

  1. Mine’s in Louisville, KY. Are you going to put up your little idea on the “My Chumby” flash widget thing?

  2. Latte Chumby…and my latest idea or the inital idea we discussed? How far did you get on that?

  3. Black, here…it’ll match my desk at home (nothing that I would have ever thought of, but once Dea brought it up, seemed reasonable enough).

    Just wondering about latest idea. I’m definitely still working on backend stuff for latest idea; I’ve been kinda under the weather for a couple of days, but it’s moving. More slowly than I’d like, but moving.

  4. Latte will match the seats in my car nicely! 🙂 Black was my other choice.

    I would have preferred a combo of Black and the brown leather.

    We’ll have to talk about idea…its a stupid one, but something small, fun and interesting.

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