Gluon Web Framework

I saw this new web framework and couldn’t pass it up to write about it and link to it. There I’m done.

Still reading? Ok…In my quick skim across, I did find the MVC URL interesting. Similar to the way Django handles URL’s but different.

Gluon Web Framework

I twittered it and Ken responded with the “Oh joy *grin*”. The funny thing is I bet Ken checks this new framework out before he returns from Thanksgiving vacation. Lets call it an online prediction. Is there a sight for online predictions in the online virtual social realm yet?

I just want to note, I wish there was a better blogger client that worked with twitter…so I didn’t have to cut/paste all these URL’s. Maybe it could integrate with Firefox too…and at least give you a list of recently used URL’s to choose from?


One response to “Gluon Web Framework

  1. check out the latest Gluon video tutorial

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