Cashier Power!

Do you use your debit/credit card for everything? I do, I hate carrying cash. I like the itemized list of things I spent money on each month. Ok…lets face it, I really hate that change that fills up in my pocket, falls down the side of the center console in my car when I’m driving or ends up in some old fish bowl in the house.

I began to pay attention to the different cashiers. Some take your card, swipe it and hand it back to you. Other places like Target, you insert the credit card into a reader, and it spits it back out to you. And then there is the grocery store. You swipe your card, and stuff it back in your wallet.

Well…at work we have a cafeteria.  The food is adequate, not excellent, but hey its edible.  Well there is this one lady who works as a cashier, who takes your card, swipes it, punches in the amount and waits, holding your card! I have even reached my hand out as if I am waiting for my card back so I can stuff it in my wallet and put my wallet back away.  No signature is required, I can even elect to not receive a receipt.

What responsibility does this lady think she has, that she has to keep my card in the case where it tells her to destroy it? One, I am at work — would I really be using a stolen credit card? Two, does she work for the credit card companies? Is it really worth her frustration? Does anyone know if every vendor signs a credit card agreement to become a credit card employee and keep that credit card in the worst cases?

I’m nice to the lady, in fact I smile and nod and act like I know the reason she is holding my card.  But if I wasn’t, would someone really put themselves in harms way JUST to pull the credit card power over me?

I’d like to see a comic strip from XKCD on this topic.  Ok…I’ve ranted long enough…


One response to “Cashier Power!

  1. No, they aren’t obligated to do any of that. It’s all store policy and who’s working and the mood they’re in. She’s either been told to do that by a higher-up, or she’s yanking your chain.

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