Amazon S3 provides SLA

I received this from Amazon:

Amazon S3 Announces Service Level Agreement
Effective October 1st, 2007, AWS is providing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers using Amazon S3. The Amazon S3 SLA provides a customer with service credits if his/her monthly uptime percentage falls below our service commitment in any billing cycle. We’ve heard from some of our customers that an SLA is important, so we are pleased to offer this to the Amazon S3 community.

More information

This addresses only monthly uptime guarantees. While that is important, I believe ensuring that a company can rely on Amazon web services being around for some time is equally important.I was recently sent a survey by Amazon about the Amazon web services. In it, they asked how important an SLA would be to me in utilizing any of the services in a business product. I expressed a strong desire to have an SLA above almost anything else. I even wrote a note such as…

It is important that Amazon guarantee to its customers it will not pull the plug on such a service for a guaranteed but limited time frame under reasonable conditions.

What I meant by that was, if Amazon gave me a five year agreement that they would provide this service, I know I can depend on the service being available for that length of time under reasonable terms. I have no reason to believe Amazon will go out of business in five years, but I don’t necessarily believe they won’t remove the Amazon services simply because a new marketing leader within Amazon decides the profit margin has flattened out and it is not worth to continue perusing.

Anyone see anything from Amazon services that guarantees they will make better than a best effort to “be open”? Even a large company like Amazon has to content with such issues as the virtual world of service to service businesses rely on one another.


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