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Screen Regions

I absolutely love screen, but I frequently forget a few even more powerful but useful features…

You can break screen up into two windows, both displayed at the same time.  They call this regions.

I am actually writing this down, so I have a place to refer to when I forget next time.

CTRL-A S  – Start new region
CTRL-A  [TAB] –  switch regions
CTRL-A  X – Close  region

And a few more tips here.


Beer mixed with programming

I knew this was true, but I had no idea how fine of a line it was…

Programming BAC levels

A wee little camera?

I was talking to another engineer at work the other day, when he showed me one of the smallest and lightest video cameras that I had seen.

It records 320×240, and can store up to one hour with a 1GB SD card plugged in.  The camera attaches to a USB port on your PC to both download the video in .avi format AND charge the lithium-ion battery.

I already began thinking of the possibilities with RC cars, planes and even while skydiving!

Google Calendar Command Line Interface

Wow, its not every day you see a new command line interface that takes advantage of new online services.  This one I just discovered will let you interact with your Google calendar.

I use Google calendar religiously for home and business when I am away form my day time job (don’t quit your day job!).

Gcalcli is written in Python as well.  Which led me to find the Google data API for Python.  Very nice!

Amazon S3 provides SLA

I received this from Amazon:

Amazon S3 Announces Service Level Agreement
Effective October 1st, 2007, AWS is providing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers using Amazon S3. The Amazon S3 SLA provides a customer with service credits if his/her monthly uptime percentage falls below our service commitment in any billing cycle. We’ve heard from some of our customers that an SLA is important, so we are pleased to offer this to the Amazon S3 community.

More information

This addresses only monthly uptime guarantees. While that is important, I believe ensuring that a company can rely on Amazon web services being around for some time is equally important. Continue reading

Django: Binding uploaded files to a form

Something as trivial as uploading a file via a HTML form was recently changed. I know because a development branch update broke one of my websites.  That will teach me to test better! 🙂

The designers specify:

File data is handled separately to normal form data, so when your form contains a FileField and ImageField, you will need to specify a second argument when you bind your form.

An example:

f = ContactFormWithMugshot(request.POST, request.FILES)

This is a bit different from before when you would inject the FILES into the POST before passing it to the FileUploadForm.

Everything has to change a little bit to keep us on our toes.

Link here