Cinelerra – not ready for prime time

I enjoy editing video.  I have used several home packaged typed software as well as a professional video editing suite and I have to say Sony Vegas has been my favorite so far.

I wanted to give Cinelerra a try on my laptop which runs Ubuntu Feisty (see this link).  I did, and I was quite impressed, but the program is just not stable enough.  It crashed on me several times.  After choosing a in/out point to play (for quickly reviewing a section of the video to play), it played normally at first, then after a few seconds it began to slow down and the playback speed began to crawl.

Now the tough decision.  Do I make this laptop a dual boot, putting Windows Vista back on it? Purchase the new Sony Vegas and edit my video when I want to on Vista? Or do I just limit my video editing sessions to the home office where one Windows XP machine is used for gaming?

I really hope Linux matures even more than it has, and products like Sony Vegas make their way to the Linux desktop.  I doubt that Vegas will however, as it appeared to be written in Microsoft’s .NET framework.  The new version did ask for permission to install C++.NET libraries.

Mono you say? I hear you, but I am guessing Sony leveraged Microsoft OS specific graphic layers.  I don’t know for sure.


4 responses to “Cinelerra – not ready for prime time

  1. That’s right about linux still not comfortable for video editing, I has try some apps linux video editing but not realy easy.
    And then I use my Sony Vegas again, b’cause that is my favorite besides Adobe Premiere.

  2. I too use Sony Vegas, and prefer Linux to Windows. I still run Windows XP Pro to use Sony Vegas, as so far no video editing program on Linux has worked for me. I downloaded and installed Ubuntu Studio, which looked promising, but none of the video editors worked properly. They crashed or just lacked features, and could not work with some video files at all. Which is a real pity, as Sony Vegas is such a great program and makes video editing enjoyable.
    They could port it to Linux, as the .net of Windows has an equivalent in Linux called Mono. I hope that Sony realise that there are people using Linux who want to do video editing and want to use their great product without having to use Microsoft Windows.
    Maybe one day…

  3. I have just completed a short project using cinelerra, it has been pretty stable on my dual 1.5 core2 duo laptop using debian lenny.

    I worked with dv and exported to dv, no interlacing, (for dvd and web transcoding I use mplayer whose options I’m more confortable with) and the quality was good.

    Very strange GUI one must mind the armed tracks.

  4. Unfortunately I am faced with this problem. Check out linux alternatives or boot back onto winblows.

    As a website developer it makes it hard as I have to develop images, which can be extremely annoying if I only need to make one small image.

    At the moment linux is proving more trouble than it is worth, having problems crashing and such… Unfortunately this is yet another area Linux lets me down in. I hope they pick up soon! Multimedia is a massive industry and I think Linux is old enough to start earning its cut!

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