What state?

I am playing Mr. Mom this week as the real mom is off on a girls trip/cruise. I hope she is having as much fun as I am with the kids. 🙂

In order to keep my daughter content with just “dad” being around, I give her things to look forward to (i.e. I pull crazy ideas out of my head). One evening she brought up giants. She had wanted to hear a story about giants, so the other night I obliged.  I gave her the best giant story I could think of.  I even acted out several scenes.  The second night, she wanted a scary story…so I told her one, where mom was the hero in the end to save us all.

Tonight, she asked where we live. I told her ….. street, Marietta, Georgia.

Then she asked, “Where do giants live?” I responded giant street, giant town. I stopped.

I was tired, so I didn’t notice if she was thinking hard or it just came out.

What state?

Huh? I thought. I quickly responded GiantState. We continued on with the story. But I can’t help but wonder how a four year old mind can pick out such a detail. Sure she knows Mickey Mouse lives in the state of Florida. We live in Georgia. But when/where did she figure this all out?


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