Debug=False & !404.html = 500.html

I like the Django web framework.  No really, I do!   But I wish the maintainers handled getting out their strong beliefs a little bit better.

I rolled some code to a production web server.  The website itself was not yet in production (it was a beta version awaiting sign off by the customer), but I had turned off the debugging stuff in the file.

The problem that existed is in my file I had:

DEBUG = False

If you set this global variable (setting) off, and you do not have a 404.html or 500.html in one of your template paths, a server error (500) is thrown.  Great…try debugging that one, it wasn’t easy…honest.

Google found it with these keywords:  DEBUG flatpages

Which returned Ticket #3335 (Flatpages with DEBUG = False requires 404.html)

Good design practice to follow? Yes!

Better way to stress the message of why you should create your own 404 and 500? Absolutely!!


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