The past week things have really heated up in Atlanta.  I work downtown in the city, and driving home one evening, I was traveling with the flow of traffic on about 70-80 mph.  I looked at the temperature gauge on my car and it was 104°F!!!

This wasn’t just a random reading.  The car was parked in a underground parking garage, and I was moving the car, not idle stuck in Atlanta traffic.

My two air conditioning units in my house are running non-stop.  I can’t wait for the electric bill this month.  Yesterday, my son and I went to the pool.  While it was refreshing, the water was luke warm.

I don’t remember high temperatures like this on a consistent basis since moving here seven years ago.  I guess I’m still a noob in this area…sounds like a  perfect time to jump a perfectly good airplane and cool off up there?


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