digiKam review

I have tried numerous image archive software programs on Kubuntu and have finally settled on digiKam for several reasons I will point out. But if you think that digiKam is perfect, check again. I found one annoying thing with the program, that I wish was handled a little better.

First I will note, I am overly protective of my families digital pictures. In fact they are stored on a RAID-5 server in my home (soon to be mirrored at another geographical location).

What I like, and possibly to make sure your version of digiKam has installed properly.

  • KIPI JPEG Lossless Plugin
    This will allow you to rotate an image without loss of image quality when doing so.
  • Tags (or keywords)
    Tagging photos is essential, allowing me to easily find photos by names or events I assign.
  • Auto Rotate using EXIF Information
    Digital cameras that record how you were holding the camera allow digiKam to rotate the picture automatically for you (if you enable this option).
  • Geo-tagging
    With the easy to use interface, you can point/click the exact geographical location an image was taken.
  • Plays movies
    Most digital cameras you purchase can record movies.
  • Export images to HTML, Flickr, DVD, Gallery or print
  • Connect with Gallery, an open source web based photo album

I am sold. I have been using digiKam for months now.


One response to “digiKam review

  1. Just started using digikam for Kubuntu myself.
    Love it. I’m especially impressed by the fact that it picks up my RAW files and allows me to convert them.
    Very flexible. Just love it.

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