Atlanta Mini takes the mountains!

I hadn’t posted it, but the Green 2000 Montero Sport which I dubbed “The Green Machine” was replaced by a new 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible, which has been dubbed “The Mini Machine”. I also liked Micro Machine, Mean Mini Machine…but I don’t get to pick the name for my car. ūüôā

Today I decided to check out the Atlanta Mini club and drive my family and I along with the group up to the north Georgia mountains, to a famous town called Helen. It resembles a German town, authentic in appearance, food and beverage.

One of the funniest comments overheard was from a Harley motorcycle owner. The comment at the gas station, that if it had not been for the Mini’s visiting, the bathrooms would not have had a line. Now I would be the first to agree that we were in motorcycle country. I have a Harley myself and have rode these same roads with my motorcycle. But seriously…what if the Harley’s weren’t there…perhaps the Mini owners wouldn’t have to wait in line too? I think next time I should wear my entire motorcycle gear, driving my Mini. I bet I will get a funny look from both groups!

We road up and down the mountain, hitting the twistiest roads in the north Georgia mountains. We were able to push the cars very far. Taking hair pin turns with ease. I could have gone faster if my children were not in the car, and we were not behind a slower vehicle.

I have ridden motorcycles all my life. I have had high performance, knee shredding machines and most recently my Harley. And I must admit, the Mini compares greatly. There is less setup required for each turn, a great room for error and just overall fun with the top down and music blasting as you whip from corner to corner. Even the kids were laughing and enjoying the car shifting left and right and singing along.

A great day on the mountain roads, and a different way to share it with your whole family.

Mini Cars in Georgia mountains


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