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Eve client for Linux?

I haven’t played Eve, but it looks like a cool game (if only I had more time). This forum thread shows the company asking for beta testers for a Mac OSX/Linux client. I’m even more interested now…

Here is a news release I found.  It appears they are upgrading their server components to Python 2.5 w/Stackless Python and to the latest Microsoft VS 2005.

Anyone have comments on this game? Worth it?


Ubuntu fsck forced check at boot fails

I brought out my laptop yesterday to share with some of my Skydiving buddies a new website I am working on for a Skydiving club, and the laptop would not boot. I was getting this message:

* Checking root file system...
fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
/dev/sda1 has been mounted 30 times without being checked, check forced.
/dev/sda1: |=========                                                     / 15.2%

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digiKam review

I have tried numerous image archive software programs on Kubuntu and have finally settled on digiKam for several reasons I will point out. But if you think that digiKam is perfect, check again. I found one annoying thing with the program, that I wish was handled a little better.

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The past week things have really heated up in Atlanta.  I work downtown in the city, and driving home one evening, I was traveling with the flow of traffic on about 70-80 mph.  I looked at the temperature gauge on my car and it was 104°F!!!

This wasn’t just a random reading.  The car was parked in a underground parking garage, and I was moving the car, not idle stuck in Atlanta traffic.

My two air conditioning units in my house are running non-stop.  I can’t wait for the electric bill this month.  Yesterday, my son and I went to the pool.  While it was refreshing, the water was luke warm.

I don’t remember high temperatures like this on a consistent basis since moving here seven years ago.  I guess I’m still a noob in this area…sounds like a  perfect time to jump a perfectly good airplane and cool off up there?

Laptop and Desktop sync

I have Kubuntu running on a desktop at home, and a new laptop running Kubuntu as well. I like the convenience of working on both at any time. But it is a pain to switch back and forth. Things like email contacts, project files, etc.

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Atlanta Mini takes the mountains!

I hadn’t posted it, but the Green 2000 Montero Sport which I dubbed “The Green Machine” was replaced by a new 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible, which has been dubbed “The Mini Machine”. I also liked Micro Machine, Mean Mini Machine…but I don’t get to pick the name for my car. 🙂

Today I decided to check out the Atlanta Mini club and drive my family and I along with the group up to the north Georgia mountains, to a famous town called Helen. It resembles a German town, authentic in appearance, food and beverage.

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Ubuntu Studio?

UbuntuStudio opened up in May of this year.

What is it?
It looks like a version of Ubuntu customized to enable editing of video, audio and photography. Download, burn the CD and install. You have a capable edit suite.

Very nice!

Take a look for yourself.

Some other ideas I have had of flavors of Ubuntu would be programming on Linux with some of the common languages. I’m talking IDE’s, debuggers, the latest libraries all updated with a simple interface. Someone who wishes to learn C, Python or Ruby can skip the installs, library dependencies and follow a helpful tutorial to jump on board Linux.