When is a Tattoo not a Tattoo?

I read this story and am a bit stunned how simple the solution for non-permanent tattoos really was. I’m not promoting or strongly against tattoos. To each his/her own. I do like the idea that a tattoo can be more easily removed if that someone happened to get a tattoo in Daytona Beach, Florida during Bike Week. I’m not releasing any names.

Researchers Develop Regret-Free Tattoo

I know…right now your thinking. Either way not me. But think about the applications. Movie stars can get tattoos for their next role. And one day when/if it is affordable enough, younger teenagers will get them at a younger age too, because…well they are not permanent. Don’t agree? Yeah, well I never thought I would of heard young girls getting breast implants in high school either. It wasn’t around when I was in high school…and I’m not that old! 🙂


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