Gizmo vs Skype on Linux

I have been working hard on a project with a colleague of mine who lives about six hours from me. Initially we spent a lot of time talking on our cell phones. But talking on cell phones some times in a house ends up plaguing you with disconnects.

We decided to use a voice over IP product. I was leaning towards Gizmo, and he wanted to use Skype. He wanted to use Skype because all of the people he knew or needed to talk to were already on Skype and it was yet another application he had to install and run on his computer.

Why I like Gizmo

I want to support Gizmo, after all they stuck to an open specification rather than creating their own proprietary solution, similar to the way Skype works. Running on the open spec. meant I was not limited to certain clients and could communicate with other users of other products in the future who also followed the open specification.

Why I like Skype

The more I began using both products, the look and feel of Skype appealed more to me. Looking a bit closer I quickly learned why. Skype is coded using the QT UI, which is also what my window manager KDE uses. Gizmo uses the same UI as GNOME. So the look and feel is adequate with a few quirks.

Late one night talking on Gizmo…

It was late one evening when we had some things to discuss concerning our project. We immedately fired up Gizmo and began using it. After talking, for no specific length of time the call would drop. But both clients thought that they were still connected. 😦

This happened three times before it was suggested we try Skype. We moved over to Skype that night and did not experience on dropped call. Could it have been timing? Bad network? I wasn’t about to spend the time to find out the differences.

So — for right now Skype gets used on this project when we need to talk.


One response to “Gizmo vs Skype on Linux

  1. I had a similar experience, but in reverse!

    Initially I tried to use Skype but found after a few minutes of talking it locked up completely. I couldn’t kill it and start it again without a reboot.

    I’ve been using Gizmo and find it better behaved. I also find that Gizmo looks better than Skype, but I use Gnome, so it’s probably a case of fitting in better with the rest of the interface.

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