XBOX 360 continues Microsoft true legacy by producing a new lemon

I happened to see this article…

Xbox 360 Repairs Will Cost Microsoft $1B

…and I can’t help but to wonder.

Why is it that Microsoft follows true in their nature? I believe the company focuses on only what is crucial to them, then they switch gears and coast. As a software/hardware giant, they have spread themselves too thin yet again. They don’t make PC’s, but they do make the most popular operating system that still to this day is not as stable as other OS’s. Although I still believe Windows XP is the best one ever released by Microsoft.

Microsoft completely saturates a market until they have the market share, then they seem to always back off. Look at the browser wars. IE beat Netscape, but then Firefox came along. Yes it is true that Microsoft have participated in unfair business practices to get on top, but that is another topic in itself.

Where will Microsoft be with the Zune in five years? Will they still be competing with Apple? Will Silverlight still be competing with Flash? Or are these ideas just Microsoft coming over to stir things up?

For a company that has such a large following, why don’t they innovate more, rather than copy ideas? Why doesn’t Microsoft use its advantage to build better products? .NET was a better clone of Java. But still to this day, if .NET wins, is it because they built a better framework or simply because Microsoft has the majority of desktop ownership?

How many technology users have converted from Linux or Mac to Microsoft? Microsoft may still have the upper hand in their desktop and browser wars, but they don’t in the console gaming market. They should be taking these latest problems with the XBOX 360 very seriously. Or they are going to be the next big laugh as they were with regards to securing their own desktop products.


One response to “XBOX 360 continues Microsoft true legacy by producing a new lemon

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