Tip: Intro Subversion with Python

Getting started in Subversion with Python?

Add *.pyc files to your global-ignores. Edit your ~/.subversion/config file, fine the line global-ignores = … Remove the comment preceding the line and add which ever file masks you wish to use.

Running svn add * within a working copy is equivalent to running svn add folder1 fileA fileB; essentially you are telling subversion to add everything. In other words this command IGNORES your global-ignores mentioned in #1 for the current directory, but does not ignore it for subdirectories. In order to ask Subversion to add everything in the current path, including recursive sub-directories but not to ignore global-ignores, use: svn add . –force

Hey I don’t make the rules, I just abide by them. Hope this helps!


3 responses to “Tip: Intro Subversion with Python

  1. Hehe, I ran into the svn add * trap, too. After some frustrating experiments I found the svn add . -force, too – finally.

  2. I understand their reasoning, but not until AFTER I read the docs and proved it through trial and error. This could have probably been implemented a bit more straightforward, but that its just a minor scratch on a great product.

  3. Thanks for the “svn add . -force” tip 🙂 on my client only “–force” works though.

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