Microsquash’s Embrace, extend, extinguish?

What is going on here? Reading this article leads me to believe Microsoft is forcing companies into a deal.  But are they? Read the comments on Slashdot.  This is becoming more and more confusing.

Did LG and other companies sell out to Microsoft? Does Microsoft really think they can squash Linux? Is this an attempt to? How does it relate to Embrace, extend and extinguish? Is it just a competitive edge?

Microsoft to date has not substantiated their claim that Linux violates 235 Microsoft patents.  Yet!


2 responses to “Microsquash’s Embrace, extend, extinguish?

  1. Microsoft will never b able to squash Linux or the Open Source community.

    Well…their VISTA is one very good example why we shouldn’t embrace M$ 😀

    If Linux violates 200+ M$’s patents…i wonder how many patents did M$ violate over the year..? Well, since it’s M$…most probably they will acquire the company once they found out the company’s patents hv been violated by them 😛

  2. mantap gan perkembangan teknologi sekarang, , klw kita gak ikuti bisa ketinggalan kereta , Aerith

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