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GREP a subversion tree

If you use grep like me to find or navigate around source code that you recently grabbed via Subversion, you may find this useful:

Put this in your .bashrc file:

export GREP_OPTIONS=”–exclude=*.svn*”

Then when you run grep in a subversion tree…it will exclude all of the .svn directories. Or if you don’t wish to make this change permanent, simply use:

GREP_OPTIONS=”–exclude=*.svn*” grep -r <<something to find in files>> *


Personal Blogging Sites and Comments

I have a few friends, co-workers or other acquaintances who have their own blogs.  Great!  A lot of them even go on to use WordPress as the blogging engine of choice.  Great!

The problem is they are hosting their WordPress blogging engines on their own website, rather than using (as I do).  This causes a problem for me and other visitors.  We have to create a new login (register) with each site before we can post a comment on their blog.  Why? Because their blogs are running in what I like to call Disparate mode!

You guys know who you are.  Can something be done? Can you not have your user list sync. with or some other Blogging API that keeps one central database of user logins?

Do this…and I will write more comments (heckling may be involved).  And me writing comments means you will actually know that someone took the time to read and respond to your blog.  🙂

It was just a thought…

Tip: Intro Subversion with Python

Getting started in Subversion with Python?

Add *.pyc files to your global-ignores. Edit your ~/.subversion/config file, fine the line global-ignores = … Remove the comment preceding the line and add which ever file masks you wish to use.

Running svn add * within a working copy is equivalent to running svn add folder1 fileA fileB; essentially you are telling subversion to add everything. In other words this command IGNORES your global-ignores mentioned in #1 for the current directory, but does not ignore it for subdirectories. In order to ask Subversion to add everything in the current path, including recursive sub-directories but not to ignore global-ignores, use: svn add . –force

Hey I don’t make the rules, I just abide by them. Hope this helps!

Vim Tip: Comment out multiple lines

Commenting out a bunch of lines without a vim plugin:

Select your lines with VISUAL BLOCK (CTRL-V), then press I to insert before all highlighted lines. Next type your comment character, # (for python, shell, etc). Last press ESC.

I forget not frequently used, but helpful VIM commands from time to time. Why not blog it?

You can alternatively select your lines with VISUAL LINE (SHIFT-V), then type : s/^/#
This tells the selected lines that you wish to substitute the start of the line with the # char.

Microsquash’s Embrace, extend, extinguish?

What is going on here? Reading this article leads me to believe Microsoft is forcing companies into a deal.  But are they? Read the comments on Slashdot.  This is becoming more and more confusing.

Did LG and other companies sell out to Microsoft? Does Microsoft really think they can squash Linux? Is this an attempt to? How does it relate to Embrace, extend and extinguish? Is it just a competitive edge?

Microsoft to date has not substantiated their claim that Linux violates 235 Microsoft patents.  Yet!


This looks promising… UbuntuWire.

I saw it here.  I did a search on a recent problem I was working on (USB Wireless for laptop) and it returned these results.