Kubuntu Laptop with Wireless USB WUSB54GC

Just before I left on my vacation, I wanted to get an old laptop wireless enabled. Problem is I had my doubts, I am running Kubuntu Feisty on the laptop.

I went to a nearby Staples store and researched several different vendors and model numbers. I ended up picking up a Linksys PCMCIA Wifi card and Linksys USB Wifi adapter. My ultimate goal to get the USB key fob setup was ideal, so I could share it with any other PC that I own.

After some investigation, I was able to get the Linksys USB adapter working. Here is how…

First, I researched Ubuntu Forums and found this thread, which had decent instructions here.

Important to note was removing KNetworkMonitor and installing kwlan (a KDE Wireless and wired manager) seems to work out much better.

As said in the instructions, only insert the USB key fob AFTER you boot up the PC and log in.

It works out perfect. In fact, I was able to connect just now at my hotel, with not a single issue. I will return the unopened PCMCIA card. While I am sure I can get it to work, I have no need for both.


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