Skydiving blog change

I decided to blog all my skydiving events, questions, and related posts to a new/different blog at wordpress under

Those who are friends and family and think I am crazy have the option of not paying attention to the other blog. 🙂 Actually, I am hoping that as I find other skydivers, the will join me and become users on the other blog posting their newest and latest happenings.

I like the concept of multiple authors sharing a blog on a given topic. Its a shame that it doesn’t happen more often.


3 responses to “Skydiving blog change

  1. You do skydiving? wah, sounds cool. But I don’t think i have the courage to do that. Furthermore…i don’t see people doing skydiving here in Malaysia – since you’ll either end up on top of a tree in the rain forest….in a swamp….banging some high rise buildings…. or end up on the highway.

    We don’t really have so many open spaces (fields, etc) in Malaysia.

  2. It is a great sport! 🙂

    I did a Google search on “Malaysia skydiving” and already found that it is offered there.

    Are you putting this on your list of things to do in your lifetime Alvin?

  3. Possible. I’ll have to think bout it since I don’t really have a strong heart. :p
    I used to have acrophobia (afraid of height?) until my camp instructor pushed me down a 5-6 storeys high flying fox. 😐

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