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Skydiving 101

Just over a year ago, I joined my wife and two neighbors and jumped from 14,000 feet with a jumpmaster, in what is called a tandem.  I was immediately hooked!  Everyone in our group said they wanted to come back and do it all over again.

Almost two summers later…

Over the past few weeks I have been combing the internet on dropzones and where I can start and complete my Accelerated Free Fall (AFF).  I think those who work with me and live with me are sick of hearing me talk about it.  🙂
Yesterday, I went out to visit my first dropzone of choice, The Farm, and was quite impressed on several factors.  Everyone I met, my soon to be new AFF instructor, a few random skydivers, even the wonderful lady from whom I bought my lunch from were all friendly and eager to answer my questions.

In the upcoming weeks (pending my schedule), I will spend three days back to back at The Farm, to learn the art of Skydiving!  So if you hear something falling from the skies and screaming very loudly…its me; not in fear, but for the excitement that this sport brings.

Ever thought about trying Skydiving? Check out the website for reviews on dropzones near you.  It will be an experience you will never forget, even if you do it only once to check it off your list of life to-do’s.

You can also check out the website for fact finding information.


Test SMTP AUTH with Python

I needed to be able to validate a service providing SMTP AUTH was working properly. Google landed me a few suggestions, the best being ASMTPTest from GMTA.

I too wanted similar functionality, but so that my unit test could be loaded and ran at any time without human intervention (for this particular test). In either case, I began going down the path of sub-classing Python’s smtplib.SMTP class. But reading through the standard python class, some time later, I finally saw that SMTP AUTH is already supported.

I was originally looking for .auth for authenticate, when quite simply the .login method is actually what I needed all along! 🙂

Threw away my new class and begin using SMTP AUTH from the standard python libraries:
import smtplib
srv = smtplib.SMTP('<<server host name>>')
srv.login('<<username>>', '<<password>>')
srv.helo('<<originating server host name/ip>>')
srv.sendmail(<<from email>>, <<to email>>, <<email msg>>)

Hope this helps the next Googler…

The small print:

1) I did not compare the differences between ASMTPTest and libsmtp yet. If you do before I get around to it, let me know.

2) There may be other libraries out there like Twisted. But I opted to stick with standard, core, basic libraries that come with a language where ever possible. This makes my unit test suite very portable without having to “set up the dependencies”.

Go Thrashers!

That’s it, the Thrashers win their 20th road game of the season to clinch the division title this year!

 Read it here