UPS Package Reroute

UPS allows the customer to reroute a package before it is delivered.

I read about it here.


6 responses to “UPS Package Reroute

  1. Yea, but USPS doesn’t? What gives?
    UPS is definitely tailored to business needs. USPS should come up with some business accounts that offer more services to keep with the changing market.

  2. Yes they do… for a fee of $4 to $6. Apparently they instituted a new policy some time in July, 2009 that requires a fee for what used to be a free service.

  3. i need to reroute package 1zr763670398363622 to 500 creekside drive, apt 16, dobson, nc 27017

  4. need to reroute my package

  5. Wow. You seriously posted your tracking and request to reroute as a comment in here. Do you think this person will take care of it for you? Amazing.

  6. I have taken care of nothing, I’m guessing the package found its home. 🙂

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