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I’ve been using Linux for quite some time.  But one of the products I had no need for was the office products.  As I remember back now, the only time I ran Writer was by mistake, and as soon as it loaded, I quickly closed it and moved on to my next task (which was usually development in C++).

A few weeks ago I needed to write a document and email it.  Sitting in my home office on my L shaped desk, in the center sits my wide screen LCD, keyboard, mouse; all which control two main Linux boxes the file server and my desktop, Kubuntu Feisty.

To the left of my LCD I typically place my laptop from work (WinXP).  For some reason unknown to even me, I clicked in KDE and opened Writer rather than switching over to my laptop and knocking out the document in Microsoft Word.

I typed away at the keyboard, selected a few words, bold, etc and went to save the document.  This is where I paused.  Hmmm…should I save it as a MS Word document so I can exchange it with my laptop? This is when I saw … export to PDFI did later decide to save it in the open document format supported by Writer.

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I have been busy lately with work and personal life. Over the last month or so I was able to travel to Daytona, Florida during Bike Week on my V-Rod motorcycle. The next weekend, I enjoyed the luxury of having one-on-one time with my son as we traveled to Charleston, SC and slept on the USS Yorktown.

Spring has finally arrived, and it is time to get the yard work done. If anyone lives in the south, this is the best time of the year to be outside before the humidity hits. Of course that is if you don’t mind the pollen that plagues us each year!

Give me some time, as I catch up reading the list of blogs. It may spark a story or two here as well.

UPS Package Reroute

UPS allows the customer to reroute a package before it is delivered.

I read about it here.