Boooooo Boston Officials!

In a corner of the earth where an important American revolution began against their aggressors and staged the Boston Tea Party, surely they haven’t fallen victim to the very fear that terrorists would love to cause in this great nation?

Boston officials — I’m am sorely unimpressed by your over reaction to a light-hearted marketing campaign. Then to go on and claim that corporate marketing greed was the motivator and demand restitution for $750,000 due to an operational cost in addressing the “bomb threat”. Did you ever consider bad judgement and over reaction is what cost your city that money?

Authorities vowed to hold Turner accountable for what Menino said was “corporate greed,” that led to at least $750,000 in police costs. — Source

It sounds less like corporate greed and more like government greed trying to squeeze some money out of a corporate company to me. Nine other city’s in America did not overreact, and it was up for weeks:

“I find it kind of ridiculous that they’re making these statements on TV that we must not be safe from terrorism, because they were up there for three weeks and no one noticed. It’s pretty commonsensical to look at them and say this is a piece of art and installation,” he [Berdovsky, an artist] said. — Source

Please tell me that America has not fallen into terrorists hands and are scared to allow fans of a TV show have some fun?

Here is the image that caused Boston officials to shut down parts of their city:

ATHF Light board


One response to “Boooooo Boston Officials!

  1. The degree to which not only Boston but America panics about such things embarrassing. The fact that a major northeastern city can be brought to a shut down by a few light bright signs is pathetic. I’ve signed and sealed a letter to Mayor Menimo with one word inside… Discernment. I’ll let you know if I hear back… I expect they will respond to query the definition of the word. Dorks.

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