Netgear WNR854T

Considering of going WIFI 802.11n (draft)? Take a look at the Netgear WNR854T.  It supports 802.11(b/g/n), claims peak 300 mbps (but a review tells us differently).  The back side has a four-port gigabit Ethernet switch as well.

I have been telling myself to hold off at home, and I probably still will, for now.  But if I had to have a 802.11 N-draft, this would be what I compared everything else in the marketplace up against.


One response to “Netgear WNR854T

  1. The Airport extreme from the mac is using the new n draft, but it is also unlocking the imacs wireless adapters to use the n standard. Funny, you can’t actually buy the software to open your hardware. You can only get it with the new airport. Talk about locking you into a vendor.

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