Saw the Greenphone, which was announced at CES this year.  Has a touch screen, runs on Linux/Qtopia, Bluetooth. The development hardware price of $695 however seems a bit steep. I’m sure it includes a lot of goodies, but I don’t see myself spending that amount of money on hardware so that I can write an application under the GNU GPL License.

Anyone want to hire me to write them an application/game they can sell for this phone? I may do it for nothing if I can keep a phone. 🙂

I would have liked to seen it with GPS.  Will it penetrate the US market this year? I enjoyed using Qtopia Embedded before, the experience was very rewarding in comparison to Microsoft’s Embedded Visual C++.  Good luck TrollTech!


One response to “Greenphone

  1. Rather low on the specs department. Nice looking gadget though.

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