A Consumer AOL Linux-based PDA?

I was excited when I saw AOL released a Linux-based PDA this year at CES.  First, I’m excited to see AOL branch out and try new things.  Second, its no secret that AOL has been a strong supporter of some widely known Open Source projects [ref1, ref2].

I cannot find anything for sale yet, or even a release date.  I would like to see the product released for a reasonable price AND AOL permit open source development to extend the device in ways they haven’t even thought of.  If they support this, you can bet I will pick one up.


2 responses to “A Consumer AOL Linux-based PDA?

  1. I hope this will make my Open Source stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂 http://www.trendio.fr/word.php?language=en&wordid=2012

  2. That is great…I have never seen this before. 🙂

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