MSP430 eZ Design Contest Winners

Texas Instruments hosted a design contest a few months ago. I didn’t enter this contest and I didn’t jump and by one of the devices yet! The results and submissions are back!

My favorite design, which was the second place winner:

Jingxi Zhang, Foster City, CaliforniaTiny Temperature Recorder without Battery
The tiny temperature recorder is directly built on the eZ430-F2013 USB kit with only a capacitor, a diode, and a resistor added. The device can measure temperature with a resolution better than 0.02C. A tiny capacitor replaces the bulky battery to power the system. A single instantaneous charge allows the device to record temperature for up to 60 hours. The data is stored in flash memory and is read back to a PC through the USB port built on the kit. It is simple and low-cost but effective.

Great idea! Simple, effective and easily shows the capabilities of such a small device. I’m assuming the capacitor recharges from the USB port?

I’ll find out soon, I picked one up to check out. You can hardly beat it for $20! I am very interested in the USB debugging and the development environment they offer. Maybe I will post an update comparing it to Atmel and the excellent support you have with AVR’s at

Which design would you have voted for? (Sorry you have to log in to see all of the designs)


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