BlackJack or iPhone?

Today a friend asked me if I was going to upgrade phones anytime soon. Honestly, I’m pretty content with my Sony Ericsson 710a minus a few issues (e.g. sync it up via Bluetooth on Linux).

My buddy was referring to the new BlackJack that I was able to check out just before the holidays. Is it nice? You bet! But tonight Jeremy pointed out the new iPhone released by Apple today at CES.

I am slightly leaning towards the iPhone. I need to get my hands on one and check it out for myself. The iPhone doesn’t appear to have GPS? 😦 Not that I need GPS on my phone, but that would be very convenient!


One response to “BlackJack or iPhone?

  1. Seriously speaking….IPhone is so cool ! LOL. There’s a big hoo-haa about it right now. Just checked the review and stuff, it looks great. I might get one for myself (provided I have enough financial support at that time). Looks to be the new fashion trend set by Apple after IPod.

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