5 things that would shock you

…maybe not. 😉

Here I am having to talk about myself again — thanks Martin. When I saw your post, I didn’t think I could find five things. But here it goes…

  1. My first programming language was BASIC on the TI-99/4A, sporting just 16K of RAM. I started off by typing programs that I copied from magazines, making slight modifications to learn. Everything was done sitting in front of the family television in the living room. The best upgrade was the cassette tape recorder so I could save my programs (and we could power it off at night). It use to take a few minutes to load or save one program.
  2. My second computer was the Tandy 1000SX with two 5.25″ drives, 384K RAM, 8088 processor. It was purchased for $1000, won from a 50/50 church raffle. The memory was upgraded to 640K. One of the 5.25 drives was replaced with a 3.5″single sided drive. The first hard drive was a harddrive on a card that fit inside one of the internal slots. The harddrive was 30MB’s large, and cost roughly $384. Gone were the days of swapping out disks from Sierra Online (e.g. Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, etc). This computer eventually ran my BBS named H.U.I.T.S. in New York, on a 2400 baud modem on a second phone line that went to my house.
  3. My uncle played a major part who ultimately got me interested and taught me about electronics as a child. He went on to encourage me to write computer programs in Turbo Pascal and later Turbo C back when DOS and batch scripting were cool!
  4. I have ridden motorcycles since I was a child, and learned to ride them in Nova Scotia, Canada where I spent most of my summer vacations as a child. The Harley-Davidson V-ROD is my current two-wheeled vehicle.
  5. I spent eight years in the U.S. Air Force where I started as a weapons expert and later became a Special Forces Aerial Gunner on a helicopter known as the PaveLow. I was fortunate to have traveled the world living in Germany and England for four years and various other parts of the Earth during my enlistment.

Whew…finally…a little more than most people do know about me. I participated in the hopes that these next few would also shed some light on their lives…next up is Alvin, Jeremy, Ken, Peter and Doug.


One response to “5 things that would shock you

  1. You were a Special Forces Aerial Gunner? :O Whoa….

    Hm, 5 things about me that would shock you all…? I might not put that in my blog, as not to stray away from the purpose of the blog. 😀 But, i might change my mind. 😉

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