DNS-SD or uPNP = zero configuration

DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) is already here, maybe you haven’t heard of it? Apple has their implementation out named Bonjour.

Apple is in one corner with DNS-SD, while Microsoft has their own Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). They both share a few similarities. Microsoft has already began laying other protocols on uPNP like SSDP.

Wondering what in the heck I’m talking about? Take a look at Zeroconf (zero configuration).

Will both of these protocols co-exist for several years to come? Or will one dominate the other?

I activated Zeroconf on Linux using Avahi, and self discovery was painfully easy. In fact, KDE (since 3.4) has some initial support for Zeroconf, just type this in Konqueror:


Will auto-discovery and zero configuration exist in computers and embedded devices throughout our house offering services to one another for our consumption? Will Zigbee’s own network be integrated adding additional benefits to the TCP/IP network in our homes to allow some truly customizable events to be captured, monitored and triggering of services?

Either way, along with the ease of use and customization, responsibility will be a major concern. The environment will need to be locked down by default. I imagine setup and configuration will be slightly more complicated for the average user than setting the VCR’s time. 🙂


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